Archival Acid Free Photo Storage Sectional Pockets

Storing your precious photographs and other memorabilia in the cheaper PVC pockets generally found on the High Street should be avoided at all costs. Plasticiser migration will transfer from these pockets and will damage whatever is stored in them. You should always use polypropylene or polyester pockets.

Our acid free high quality photograph Enigma Xtra polypropylene 110micron poly pockets in a slightly larger portrait A4 size are available in eleven size formats. We have the slightly larger than full A4 page in portrait for larger photographs or A4 information and indexing. They are all manufactured with a several times thicker material than ordinary pockets.

We stock photograph poly pockets to accommodate different sizes of photographs or memorabilia such as postcards and christening cards. These all offer the versatility of keeping all your valuable photographs/memorabilia together in safe archival storage polypropylene pockets.

We have 1 pocket, 2 pocket (also a 2 pocket vertical), 3 pocket, 4 pocket, 6 pocket, 8 pocket, 9 pocket,12 pocket, 15 pocket or 20 pocket size options - see below for sizes. Sold in packs of 10 or at the foot of the page our popular sizes in 50 packs at a discounted price.


We have two sample pack options 8 pack mix at the top or our 25 pack mix at the foot of this page.