A3 Deluxe Landscape Binders

Our range of deluxe A3 Certificate Binders have sturdy covers from high quality padded PVC with a 4 ring binder that will hold up to 50 acid free certificate pockets. Ideal for certificate storage or keeping any precious awkward shaped documents or cuttings for presenting your family history research to someone else.

Certificate pockets can be used with acid free card inserts to store two certificates, documents or photographs in each pocket. this allows storage of up to 100 certificates in each binder. There is a small clear pocket on the spine for a name card.  

Now you can mix and match A3 landscape, A4 portrait or long certificate polypockets to create a lasting folder of your family history mixing the pockets as you go through the file to suit whatever you wish to display. For example you may display charts in A3 landscape pockets, text pages in A4 portrait pockets and use certificate polypockets for those original longer shaped marriage and birth certificates without having to resort to folds and creases.

Available in four rich colours - charcoal black, cedar green, burgundy redor dark blue.

All have leather-like finishes with an attractive marbled colouration (picture gives an idea but the real colours are much richer).

Size: 48.5 x 32cm (19 x 12½ inches) approx