Family Tree Folk's Range of Magnifiers

Find the magnifier you need to suit your vision within this section. Click on each drop down tab in magnifiers above for further details of each of the magnifying glasses and magnification aids. Every magnifier contains a high quality lens for crystal clear viewing and there is a wide range to choose from.

Let optics and lenses make up for less than perfect vision and to save your eyesight when looking at difficult handwriting in all types of family history documents. Please note that our magnifiers are aids for reading and study; they cannot correct problems with vision. You may need to see an optician for an eye test for corrective glasses as well as using a magnifier.

We have a growing range of magnifiers and lights for reading family history documents, examining photographs and assisting with your family tree research.

Lighted magnifiers include the rimless magnifier. Ideal for trips to the record office, archives or library to research your ancestry.

Fresnel magnifiers are ideal for all genealogy work. We have a choice of five sizes - the framed page magnifier is the largest and we also have a small credit card size, a bookmark size, a pocket size and an unframed page size which has the biggest usable viewing area.