GRO Searches and Certificates

We will search the GRO (General Register Office) indexes for births, marriages or deaths for England and Wales from 1837 when registration was first introduced to the present day. We can then either provide you with the reference for you to order the certificate yourself, or we can also obtain the certificate(s) on your behalf.

Ideal for researchers who don’t have a computer/internet access or UK based researchers who don't want to pay online. We can locate the reference of a birth, marriage or death, registered between July 1837 (when registration began) almost up to the present day. Also useful for one-name studies research when large numbers of references are needed.

Our prices:

  • GRO search, covering up to 5 years £3.00 
  • Certificates are charged at cost, currently £11.00
  • £1.25 postage for UK, £2.50 postage for Europe and £4.00 for the rest of the world for up to three certificates  

Once we have located the GRO reference we will email you for payment and to confirm if you want us to obtain the certificate. We pride ourselves on a fast and efficient service but delivery times are always subject to the current GRO workload in processing the request. 

Payment for searches and certificates

Payment can be made by a PayPal invoice which will be sent from us to allow you to pay by credit or debit card, as well as by PayPal.  Alternatively you can pay by personal cheque (UK only) or BAC's payment

Contact us for more details on

Tel: 01977 624370

Certificate Exchange for unwanted Birth, Marriage & Death certificates

This web site provides a free service for genealogists and family historians who would like to offer their unwanted BMD certificates, wills or medal rolls to other family historians who are researching ancestors with the same name. Also search over 2,500 documents that may be of interest to your research. or click above on title.