Acid Free 6 Geneation Charts

Record and write up your ancestors on this compact chart for easy storage or publication.

The A3 paper used is acid free 120gsm and conforms to ISO9706 for safe archival of your records (don't forget to use an acid free pen with this paper).

Use the chart to record up to six generations of ancestors and store it in full A3 size in an A3 pocket and place in an A3 binder or folded to fit in an A4 portrait Springback Binder

The folded charts include discreet fold marks indicating the two folds required for portrait A4/Springback binder insertion.

This chart has a large left margin that makes it ideal for use in binders and it also has extension references for follow on charts if you are lucky enough to get back more than six generations.   

Chart size: A3 - 11.7 x 16.5 inches (29.7 x 42cm)  

Sold as a pack of 3 charts either folded or flat unfolded.