My Year Books

Fully loaded with facts, the My Year books will help you celebrate those milestone years.

This ever expanding series of mini books entitled My Year are a delightful and thoughtful gift for those you love and care about. Their 64 pages are packed with world events, music, movies, TV, sport, innovations, popular culture and so much more.  

A visual delight of inspirational graphic design, each 160mm x 124mm book features a single year and combines images and typography to convey the moods and emotions of the time. Intended for an adult readership - particularly those celebrating birthdays!

Now available in this wonderful series and aimed at those major special birthday events celebrated in 2014 - 70th, 60th, 50th, 40th 30th and also 21st and 18th.

See below for the 2013 and 2012 series

We hope to introduce other years in between those special years in the coming months.

All priced at just £4.95 each and making a wonderful gift for family members and friends.