Archival Certificate Foolscap Pockets

Two types of inert clear acid free polypockets are available to hold certificates, family tree prints, wills and census copies for safe long term archival storage in our deluxe long foolscap certificate binders.

NOTE: Always use polypropylene or polyester pockets and never use PVC.

Standard clear acid free 110 micron polypropylene pockets protect your certificates from dust, handling and deterioration due to contact with acid leaching materials.

The ultra clear luxury polyester pockets are crystal clear, with a rich shiny surface. These are the preferred pockets used by professional archivists.

Both types of acid free polypockets take the longer traditional certificates and the newer A4 landscape certificates.

Size: 39.8 x 23.4cm (15½ x 9 inches)

These pockets will also fit in our A3 Binders

We recommend using a sheet of acid free card, available as acid free card inserts, to double the storage capacity of each polypocket, allowing two certificates to be stored back to back. The card also stiffens the acid free polypocket and provides extra support for delicate and fragile documents.

Acid Free insert card is available in white, black, burgundy red or in Birth and Marriage colours of pink, green.