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Want to discover your UK ancestry? 

But don't want to become a genealogist? Family history, otherwise known as genealogy, is a rapidly growing hobby that can become addictive. But not everyone wants to spend hours researching and others find it difficult. Do you live outside the UK and can't get access to local records? Maybe you have a young family or demanding job and don't get the time? Have you tried to make a start and got stuck?

Ancestry research can be difficult but it is important to many people to know their roots, where they came from. We at Family Tree Folk offer a flexible, friendly and expert research services to uncover your family history. We provide short research projects, or full family tree research, payable in four-hour slots.

You are always in control and can stop and start again at any time, as funds allow.



“My paternal great grandparents all came to Australia between 1841 and 1856 from Yorkshire, London and Ireland. I asked Mike to verify the information I already had and to see if he could expand further on my family tree"

"Mike not only found a few errors in the information I provided but added additional information back to the late 1700's backed up with copies of the original documents for passage, baptism and census records"

"I am delighted that you have done what I had hoped and taken the guess work out of the family tree for as far back as you did".

Pam - Australia


“Giving Mike only details of my father who died when I was a young child he managed to track my paternal line back to the early 1800's and uncovered some fascinating information.

I have now asked him to research my maternaI line which I know even less about - great work"

Ian - Knottingley, UK


“I asked Mike to research all four of my grandparents back and produce me a family tree which I wanted to pass down to my grandchildren. I think it is important to know and pass on where we originated from".

" I was extremely pleased he managed to gather so much information on all four lines and back to 1786 on one of my grandmothers. He presented me with a 20 page report and included all the census copies as well as a number of family tree's of the different lines. Will certainly be telling my friends about this service

Sheila – Hull, UK


“I had done some research on my Family Tree and sent Mike the information I already had. He checked all this through using census returns from 1911 back until 1841 and also birth, marriage and death records. He even found a document of my grandfather’s elder brother on the Queen Mary as a crew member in 1942 arriving New York to bring American troops to the war raging in Europe”.   

“Mike supplied a detailed report with  transcripts and copies of the census returns and uncovered a couple of family members I was totally unaware of – many thanks”  

Gwyneth – Billingham, UK


“Knowing only that my grandfather was an Architect and Antiques dealer originating from Whitby, Mike took on the challenge of helping me build my Family Tree. I now have a further 8 generations back from my grandfather who was born 1874 to around the early 1600’s. Thank you so much”. 

Rita – Eggborough, UK 


“I had very limited information about my great grandfather and I was at a loss to know how to start tracing my family history. Mike at Family Tree Folk found my great grandfather plus a further 6 generations back in parts of my Family Tree. I now have some family lines back to the early 1700’s”

“I am eternally grateful to you for solving a family mystery that I never thought I would ever have the answer to. I would never have done it on my own”. 

Ann – Pontefract, UK

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