n. [iˈnigmə] noun. a person, thing, or situation that is mysterious, puzzling

We chose the name Enigma for our archival range of binders and pockets because the meaning fits so well with genealogists doing family history research!

For an economical but still archival safe quality storage option our Enigma range is ideal.

The Enigma range provides an inexpensive storage solution in both Portrait and Landscape formats in our A4 and A3 archival safe binders. We also stock three sizes of A5 Portrait Binder. The binders are made in a frosted clear polypropylene which allows the first page to be viewed through the front cover. We now also have a US Letter/Quarto Binder and also a 12" Square Scrapbooking Binder.

The pockets and binders are all inert archival safe polypropylene and can be used to safely store your research. Use them for census returns, birth/marriage/death certificates, photos, newspaper cuttings or just general storage.

Use the drop down menu on the Enigma tab above to navigate to your chosen size of binder and pockets.