Acid Free Labels

For the family historian, archival acid free labels are essential for the safe long term indexing for storage of your research notes and documents.

Use these labels for any long term applications where longevity is important. Rest assured that these label are far superior to the usual labels available elsewhere. They have been designed to meet the most stringent standards required by conservation organisations.

For notes, printed or handwritten, family tree charts, print outs etc.

Available in 3 sizes:

63mm x 32mm (27 labels per sheet)

38mm x 31mm (45 labels per sheet)

48mm x 16mm (72 labels per sheet)

TIP: The smallest size 72 label sheetis popular with our customers for using on family tree printed charts


  • Acid-free - made from 100% cotton fibre
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate
  • Very stable acrylic based adhesive
  • Good adhesion to most surfaces
  • Use with any type of computer printer (most modern day inkjets now have acid free ink)
  • If you wish to handright use with our acid-free pens
  • Colour: Natural White (slightly cream)