Long Length Acid Free Family Tree Printing Paper

When you want to print or write out sections of your full family tree do you feel you need to use a roll of wallpaper? Or are you trying to line up a number of A4 sheets and stick them all together?

We have A4 continuous paper to overcome this problem. This bright white A4 90gsm acid free paper comes in packs of 20 continuous sheets which have fine perforations (not visible) between each sheet. This allows you to write or print the unbroken length of your family tree to your requirements between 1 and 20 continuous A4 sheets (210mm x 5940mm nearly 6 metres!)

This has no margins or printing breaks in your tree and looks professional.

Just check you can set user defined settings in your paper settings for the length of pages you want to print.

Example 2 pages would be 210 x 594    4 pages would be 210 x 1188

Most inkjet printers allow you to feed manually and set for banner lengths in user defined settings or set manually.

Please check this prior to ordering as we do not accept returns on this product.

NB. If your printer has a stacked paper drawer this won't be able to feed the paper.

Instructions for printing long length Family Tree Paper

(not all printers will allow this – please check before ordering as no returns on this product)

If you would like to create a custom paper size please use the following instructions:  

Check the printer driver's paper size setting.  

Open the printers folder to access the printer driver. The following directions apply to Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Windows 98 / ME / 2000

Click on Start, then Settings, then Printers.

Windows XP

Click on Start, then double-click Printers & Faxes. (If Printers & Faxes is not listed, click on Control Panel. Then double-click on Printers & Faxes, or Printers & Other Hardware followed by View installed printers or fax printers).

Windows Vista & Windows 7

Click on the Start orb, then Printers. If Printers is not listed, click on Control Panel and then double-click on Printers. For Windows 7 Click on the Start orb and then Devices and Printers  

You should now see the printers folder, which will contain an icon representing your printer.  

Check the paper size setting.

Windows 98/ME

Right-click on the printer icon, and select Properties, then the Paper tab. The current paper size setting is shown at the top of the window.

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

Right-click on the printer icon, and select Printing Preferences. Next, click on Advanced. The current paper size setting is shown under Paper/Output at the top of the window.

If the paper size setting does not match the length of the paper you are using, select the correct paper size. If the paper size you require is not listed, you can create a new custom paper size.

Windows 98 / ME

Select the Custom paper size setting from the list. Enter the desired width and length, then click OK. Click Apply and OK again to save your paper size setting

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7

In Windows 2000 and XP and Vista creating a custom paper size is known as creating a new paper form.

Note: If you cannot see the custom paper size you've created, the paper size dimensions may be out of specification for the printer, i.e. the paper size is too small or too large. Check the paper size you created against the printer's specifications in your user guide.

Example: A4 paper is 210mm wide x 297mm long

3 pages would be a setting of 210mm x 891mm long

5 pages would be a setting of 210mm x 1485mm long