Metallic Acid Free Pens

Our Archival Quality Zig Metallic acid free pens in gold .

With acid free ink and twin tips of 1mm and 1.2mm the Metallic acid free pen allows you to add the perfect effect to work especially any dark coloured papers/card when wanting to brighten up your projects.

Different to other metallic markers on the market, they do not possess a valve-action method so they are easier to work with and do not run the risk of getting drops of ink all over your work. 

Ideal for scrapbooking, card making, craft work or indeed just for letter writing. Great for Christmas card writing!

Please Note: Any dual tipped markers must be stored in a horizontal position, if they are not positioned correctly this will result in one of the tips becoming dry and un-useable.

NB. You need to use acid free paper or card with the pen to ensure longevity of your written work.