Acid Free 2 in 1 Glue Pen

Archiving and bonding of all of your research material, old documents, newspaper articles and photographs even if just copies from the originals should always be done using acid free materials.

We offer this 2 in 1 acid free glue pen for both temporary or permanent fixing of photographs and other emphemeria for scrapbooking of your family history research.

Applies blue and turns clear when dry. When wet use as an ordinary permanent adhesive. Leave to dry and then it becomes a removable adhesive.

It is therefore safe to use to bond any items you wish to preserve for long term storage.

Our acid free tapes and glue pens are also great for craft working, gift wrapping, card making etc.

  • Increase glue flow by replacing cap on and off a few times (pump action)
  • Reduce glue flow by holding tip upwards and pressing nib onto a firm surface
  • Clear safe permanent or a temporary adhesive
  • After use, clean tip and replace cap