Auto Focus Magnifiers

We offer a choice of three optical quality Auto Focus magnifiers: the autofocus trestle stand magnifier shown below, the autofocus ruler magnifier and 2 sizes of the autofocus dome magnifier


These magnifiers do not need hand held operation as they focus automatically when laid on the surface.


The Auto Focus Trestle Stand Magnifier

The autofocus trestle stand magnifier provides a x1.7 magnification. This autofocus magnifier on a stable stand provides easier hands free viewing particularly for reading larger documents, books or newspapers. Ideal for use as an inspection magnifier.
The rectangular lens is made from PPMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) the same optical material used in the manufacture of some contact lenses and is coated with an hard coating to protect the surface.

The steel trestle stand is firm and stable for positioning over the item to be viewed. The lens can be turned to allow adjustment to the optimum viewing position.

Lens size is 140mm x 100mm



Auto Focus Trestle Stand Magnifier

Detailed specification


  • Hand polished and hard coated optical quality PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) thermoplastic lens
  • x1.7 magnification
  • Magnifies the width of an A4 page
  • Autofocus magnification when placed on any flat surface   
  • Lens rotates freely for perfect viewing set up
  • Stand is made from shaped steel and extremely firm and stable
  • Overall size of stand is 8½" high by 7½" wide (215mm H x 190mm W)
  • Viewing lens area 5½" x 4" (140mm x 100mm)
  • Stand allows accurate placement on documents and photographs etc.
  • Gives a sharp, undistorted image 
  • Perfect for home, archive office or library
  • Ideal for transcribing
  • Useful for reading any small print - telephone directory, classified ads, recoipes in the kitchen, craft work

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Autofocus trestle stand magnifier

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