Enigma A3 Acid Free Pockets


n. [iˈnigmə] noun. a person, thing, or situation that is mysterious, puzzling

We chose the name Enigma for our new economy archival range because the meaning fits so well with genealogists undertaking family history research!



Our Enigma range of A3 Portrait and A3 Landscape Pockets

Both a high quality inert 80micron polypropylene (acid free) archival pocket with a white edge punched strip. Excellent for safe storage of all your documents including photographs and newspaper cuttings.

Pockets generally found in stationers are often made from PVC which has plasticisers that can migrate into your documents and photographs ultimately destroying them!

Excellent for safe storage of all your documents including photographs, certificates and newspaper cuttings.

Portrait Pocket: dimensions:  H: 420mm x W: 297mm (Top opening - short side)

Landscape Pocket: dimensions: L: 420mm x H: 297mm (Top opening - long side)


Or try our super 90micron clear edge punched strip (foot of this page)

Side opening - short side)



Enigma A3 Portrait Pockets - 25 pack




Enigma A3 Portrait Pockets - 100 pack







Enigma A3 Landscape Pockets - 25 pack




Enigma A3 Landscape Pockets - 50 pack




Enigma A3 Landscape Pockets - 100 pack




Enigma A3 Landscape Pockets - 10 pack

EA3LP10C (90micron clear strip)



Enigma A3 Landscape Pockets - 25 pack

EA3LP25C (90micron clear strip)





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