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Where can I get a free printable blank family tree chart?

Well, that is quite a question – but the answer is there are key sites on the internet that offer some free printable blank family tree charts for family historians to print out, fill in and keep as treasured family history records.

This article shows several of the sites that have downloadable free genealogy charts, and gives a summary of the types of family tree chart that they make available. Family Tree Folk has no connection with these sites – we have just carried out our own independent review.

The first is a great place to start and there more as you scroll down. For further sources - see our second page on free family tree charts.


Misbach Enterprises

The Misbach site offers a great selection of family history charts and genealogy charts that you are free to download for printing and your own personal use.

The site says that the charts have all been designed by family historians with lots of experience – and they do seem to be very useful, whether you are a beginner in family history, or an experienced genealogist.

Using the genealogy charts is easy. You can either print them direct from the images of the charts available online on the site, or you can right click on each one with your right mouse button and save it to your hard drive. The image is then stored on your own computer as a printable family tree chart and you can print it out as many times as you like – providing that it is for your own personal use. It should be obvious that you can’t sell it on, in either the printed or online versions - the family tree charts are all copyright to Misbach.

All of the free family tree charts available at this site are in Adobe PDF format. The free genealogy charts can be downloaded individually, one at a time, or all at once as a zip file.

Create your own family history charts!

The Misbach site also offers individual genealogists the chance to suggest free genealogy charts that they would like to see, and the company may design them and make them available!

Misbach also sells larger versions of its charts and offers race horse thoroughbred pedigree charts. Wow!

The free family history charts that are currently available include:

  • Just for kids – a children’s family history chart – perfect for school projects.
  • Family Tree Chart – a tree shaped chart that allows you to record details of up to six generations in the chart.
  • Grandma’s Box Chart – a chart that allows you to see surname ancestral lines really easily.
  • Pedigree Chart – a traditional pedigree chart – this also allows you to record the details of up to six ancestral lines in a format that you will be very familiar with.
  • The Fan Chart – fantastic-looking and ideal for a genealogy gift or to mount in a picture frame – also records details of six generations and enables you to link one chart with another.
  • Bowtie Chart – what a brilliant idea – very visual and easy to see what is going on.
  • Picture Pedigree Family Tree Chart – a chart that allows you to include loads of information about your ancestors – up to six generations of them! Fantastic, as Misbach say, for family reunions.


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Free family history charts from Family Tree Magazine

Family Tree Magazine also offers a range of charts that are free for family historians to download, print and fill in. Each chart is available in text format - so you can fill it in on screen and save it to your own computer - and as pdf format, which is for printing a free family history chart to fill in by hand. These have more sophisticated designs, so can be used for displaying your research. The text versions are really more suited to record keeping for your own family history records.

As well as free family history charts, the Family Tree Magazine site also has research calendar templates, note taking forms, family history research journal sheets, genealogy research worksheets, vital relationship charts, and more - check it out for a range of free genealogy charts that could be really useful for your family history research.


Fun family history charts for children

Kids genealogy is a tricky topic - people tend to get interested in family history when they are well into adulthood, but family history is part of the primary school curriculum and can feature as part of secondary school specifications on some exam boards. To keep young children interested, the charts have to be colourful and fun - find some really good ones on the disney site.

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