Archival Acid Free Millennium Pens

Zig Memory System Millennium archival acid free pens come in a choice of four colours black, blue, green and red.

With acid free ink and a fine 0.45 mm tip the Millennium acid free pen allows you to record and highlight your research details by colour. You can identify male and female ancestors or lines by colour or to use red for birth and baptism data, green for marriage data and reserve black for death and burial data.

Ideal for scrapbooking, card making, craft work or indeed just for letter writing.

NB. You need to use acid free paper or card with the pen to ensure longevity of your written work.

Why acid free?

Pens and inks that are acidic are prone to deteriorate over time. If you want your records to last, you need to think acid free. Most printer inkjet ink is acid free. Check with your brand and supplier.

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Millennium Acid Free Pen
Black 0.45mm Fine Point  


Acid Free Pen Black


Millennium Acid Free Pen
Blue 0.45mm Fine Point


Acid Free Pen Blue


Millennium Acid Free Pen
 Green 0.45mm Fine Point


Acid Free Pen Green


Millennium Acid Free Pen
 Red 0.45mm Fine Point


Acid Free Pen Red


Set of 4 (1 of each colour) Millennium Pens


SAVE £1.85

Acid Free Pen Set


Features of the millennium pen range

  • Smooth flowing, water-based pure pigment ink provides effortless writing
  • Acid free pen of archival quality - pure pigment ink
  • Will not fade or bleed and is smear proof when dry 
  • Barrel tip and clip indicates ink colour - black, blue, green or red
  • Sturdy pocket clip 
  • Nonrefillable

Using the correct acid free pen for the long term storage of your valuable research material is so important. Archival acid free pen ink can last a 100 years against a normal ballpoint ink which can fade very quickly, and can damage and accelerate deterioration of the paper.The ink in Millennium acid free pens stands the test of time so all your precious memories can be preserved for future generations to enjoy. 

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