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iphone genealogy?

People who look into their family history tend to start later on in life but that doesn't stop us getting to grips with the latest technology and using it to the best advantage in our addictive hobby.

In late February 2008, Apple announced a big step forward with its iphone that could have implications for all of us. It may not just be teenagers and twenty-somethings that have an iphone on their birthday wish list or their Christmas present hot list for this year.

The iphone was released last year and represents a great innovation in mobile phone technology. It has a large, very clear touch screen that can be used to navigate through the phone's normal menu's and gadgets, and can browse the internet, allowing you to view ordinary sites, not just the cut-down versions that are available on most mobile phones.

Those of us lucky enough to have got an iphone this year will still be preening it and showing it off at every opportunity but, if you are ever bored, waiting for someone, have time to kill, you may have noticed that the iphone lacks a little something. It has no games.


iphone applications

So what, who needs games on a mobile phone? I wouldn't use them if they were there. However, the fact that they aren't means something much more important - the iphone platform is so new, there are no applications that run on it. I have seen this compared having a brand new laptop that isn't capable of running a word processor, no photoshop, no pagemaker, no spreadsheets - no family history software! Without applications to run on the iphone, you will never be able to use it to its full potential - as a full multi-application resource that would rival a mini-laptop and nintendo ds all rolled into one.

In February 2008, Apple announced the release of its Software Developer Kit (SDK) that allows anyone who registers, and who is able, and who pays a small fee ($99) to start developing new applications software for the iphone. 

This should result in a wealth of applications over the next couple of years, which will make the iphone even more the phone to own.

As someone who visits record offices, libraries and graveyards quite often in the search for family history data, it would be really handy to have some applications relating to genealogy for the iphone.

The idea of being able to load up the family history from your computer onto your iphone and then being able to take it wherever you went, ready to refer to instantly, would be a great advantage to carrying notes.

To be able to check important dates without needing to take a laptop everywhere would be much better.

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