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This free genealogy course will take you through from the first steps to look at many different approaches and types of record. First up, the free genealogy classes for beginners.These first steps in family history are important, because they lay the foundations of your future research. Take them carefully.

Dr Kathryn Senior

Free family history classes for beginners


Starting genealogy

Are you thinking of starting out to research your family history? Are you wondering what the difference is between family history and genealogy?

Ask the family

Start by trying to find out what you already know, or what help your close relatives can give you.

Family memories

What you can discover from family memories, both when you start out in family history, and when you start to dig deeper into your ancestry,

Paper records I

Families and relatives often keep paper records, including family bibles, letters, postcards and other memorabilia - in this class we see how useful these can be to family historians.

Birth certificates

The information on a birth certificate - what to look for and how to use it, and why understanding some of the background to the registration system is important.

 Free family history classes for the more experienced

Tithe maps and tithe apportionments

Find out about why tithe maps were made in the 1840s and 1850s and how family historians can gain a great deal of information about a landowning ancestor alive at that time.


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