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Find the magnifying glass or magnifier you need to suit your vision with this index. Click on each link for further details of each of the magnifying glasses and magnification aids. Every magnifier contains a high quality lens for crystal clear viewing and there is a wide range to choose from. Let optics and lenses make up for less than perfect vision and to save your eyesight when looking at difficult handwriting in all types of family history documents.
Please note that our magnifiers are aids for reading and study; they cannot correct problems with vision. You may need to see an optician for an eye test for corrective glasses as well as using a magnifier.

Auto focus magnifiers

Auto focus Brightfield dome magnifier
Auto focus Transcribing ruler magnifier


Powerful Photo/Document inspection magnifier

Powerful x6 inspection magnifier


Illuminated magnifying glasses


LED pendant magnifier

LED rimless round magnifier

LED wallet magnifier with light and protective wallet
LED pop up magnifier with light
Pocket LED pop up magnifier with light
VUSION magnifier with angled LED light and magnifying glass  


Classic magnifying glasses

Classic round magnifying lens in a modern design
Classic and traditional round magnifing glass


Fresnel lens magnifiers

Rigid page magnifier £9.95
Framed page magnifier £3.75
Unframed page magnifier £2.75
Postcard or photograph sized magnifier £1.95
Bookmark magnifier £1.95
Credit card sized magnifier £1.25
Fresnel magnifier special offer with discount
Credit card magnifier with printed wallet for advertising


More about Fresnel lens magnifiers

Technical information about fresnel magnifiers
Applications of fresnel magnifiers
Fresnel magnifiers as reading aids for the elderly
Fresnel magnifiers for map reading


Promote your business with printed fresnel magnifiers

You can now order the credit card fresnel magnifier as a custom design product printed with information about your society, organisation or company.


Perfect as give-aways for advertising and promotion. Credit card promotional magnifiers are available in wallets of different colours and with 1 or 2 colour printing with the text of your choice. Minimum order quantity is 500 magnifiers and there is no maximum. Please contact us at for prices for the amount of promotional magnifiers you want.
Family Tree Folk credit card LED illuminated magnifying glass
Family Tree Folk Classic magnifying glass perfect for map reading
Long gone are the days when you had only a magnifying glass available to enlarge the text on genealogy documents such as census returns, wills and other family history records.
You can now choose from a fantastic range of high quality, great value magnifiers that are not necessarily magnifying glasses at all. Many make use of the optical clarity of acrylic lenses and plastics lenses. Lenses made from these different materials have high quality optics and provide superb magnification.
Family Tree Folk VUSION magnifier with angled LED light and magnifying glass

With magnifying lamp or magnifying light or without?

Some magnifiers in the Family Tree Folk range do not have a built in light but others are illuminated magnifying glasses that enable you to magnify a document and see perfectly, whatever the ambient light conditions. For people doing family history, they are ideal for taking into record offices and libraries.
Family Tree Folk Promotional credit card magnfiers
Promotional credit card magnifier for Sheffield Family History Society
Promotional credit card magnifier for Channel Islands Family History Society

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