Applications for Fresnel Lenses

So many applications

Fresnel lenses were not originally developed as low vision aids to help magnify small print. Their main use was intended to be for magnification and concentration of solar radiation in overhead projector machines, car headlights and lighthouses!

Very large fresnel lenses are still used for large area magnification but smaller sheets are produced in different sizes to provide a lightweight, unbreakable and economical magnifier for reading and helping with magnification of documents etc.

One of the effects of ageing is the change in the shape and consistency of the lens of the eye, and the eyeball itself. The result is that, at the age of about 40 - 50, even people who had perfect vision find they are putting the newspaper on the floor to read the columns!!

This medical condition is called presbyopia and it gets us all eventually!

Reading glasses can help, but it is impossible to do far sighted operations wearing such strong spectacles. Having a handy magnifying sheet is an alternative that allows easy reading of any small print.

Fresnel lens magnifiers make fantastic and useful low vision aids for the elderly and infirm because they are light to hold, are unbreakable and extremely safe.

Ideal for reading the telephone directory, a menu in a restaurant, ingredients in the supermarket.

(credit card size fits in a purse or wallet)


Ideal for orienteering, walking or rambling and for map reading on the move. Lightweight to carry, they will not mist up and far better than wearing reading glasses in the rain!


Just the job for genealogists - ideal for reading census returns, parish registers, ship manifests, certificates and other documents with bad handwriting. Can be taken to the record office or library very easily. 


Also great for examining and magnifying photographs or stamp and coin collections!


Page size magnifier only £3.75 page size with black vinyl frame



Bookmark size magnifier only £1.95 Handy bookmark size



Credit card sized magnifier ony £1.25 Wallet sized



Page size unframed only £2.75



Pocket size magnifier only £1.95


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