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Local fact finding and photography

If your ancestors came from the area within a 20 mile radius of Pontefract, we are happy to collect some local information about individual villages and visit to take some present day photographs. Photographs and information would be sent electronically, at high resolution, or on CD by post if required. 

If you live outside the UK, it is difficult to get a feeling for the places your ancestors used to live. Getting photgraphs of the present day village, the church and other ancient buildings and landmarks, can be a useful addition to your family history research.

If you know where your ancestors live, and the house still exists, we may be able to arrange to photograph it for you.

We can also photograph graves in cemeteries or churchyards so that you have a lasting record of your ancestor's final resting place.

Family history research is not just about looking for dates of births, marriages and deaths. It is much more meaningful to find out about your ancestors' lives, where and how they lived and where they worshipped.

Local post offices and shops sometimes have local publications that are not available elsewhere, and we would investigate this on any visit, making the most of the time.


Our prices:


Local fact finding and photography                                                 

£12.50 per hour - Minimum 4 hours


Payment for local history research

Payment can be made by a PayPal invoice which will be sent from us to allow you to pay by credit or debit card, as well as by PayPal.  Alternatively you can pay by personal cheque (UK only) or BAC's payment.

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