Parish Register Searches

Parish register searches

The International Genealogical Index is a great resource for tracking down parish register records, but it has to be used with caution. No parish register entry can be considered unless it has been checked in the original register. We can carry out searches in parish registers that still exist and that are available, from any parish in England and supply a print-out copy of the original record, with a transcription. 

In many record offices, access to parish registers is via microfilmed copies of the original. However, some local record offices will allow the original registers to be examined, and photographed using a digital camera without a flash.

Where possible, and if required, we would be able to carry out this type of parish register research project. The photographs obtained can be sent by email to anywhere in the world, so this is an ideal way of getting verification of your research in the original records, and having the documentary evidence to prove your findings.

The photographs are for private study only - permission has to be obtained from the record office concerned for any publication on family history web pages.


Our prices:


Parish register searches, supplying the printout images, 

with transcriptions and digital photographs were possible                                                                             

£12.50 per hour - Minimum 4 hours


Payment for parish register searches

Payment can be made by a PayPal invoice which will be sent from us to allow you to pay by credit or debit card, as well as by PayPal.  Alternatively you can pay by personal cheque (UK only), or by personal arrangement, direct bank transfer.

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