Reading Aids

Low Vision Aids
Fresnel magnifiers are ultra thin, lightweight, crystal clear, flexible and unbreakable. They provide an easy-to-use and safer alternative to bulky magnifying glasses.
Ideal for those who wish to continue to enjoy reading newspapers, magazines, completing crosswords etc and also allowing a little more continued independence for reading that small print. Ideal for the menu in a restaurant, supermarket, ingredients on packets or reading timetables.

Page magnifier with frame

This page size magnifier gives approx. 3 times magnification and is completely enclosed in a soft black vinyl frame to avoid fingerprints on the lens surface.
Overall size is 300 mm x 190 mm
(usable screen size 220 mm x 160 mm).



Bookmark magnifier

This handy bookmark sized magnifier gives approx. 4 times magnification.
Overall size is 190 mm x 65 mm
(usable screen size 160 mm x 60 mm).
Complete with a blue vinyl storage case (colour may vary)



Credit card magnifier

This smaller credit card sized magnifier still gives approx. 4 times magnification (handy size to keep in your wallet or purse).
Overall size is 82 mm x 52 mm
(usable screen size 77 mm x 42 mm). 
Complete with a black vinyl storage case (colour may vary) 



Pocket magnifier

This handy pocket sized magnifier gives approx. 3 times magnification.
Overall size is 135mm x 95 mm
(usable screen size 128 mm x 88 mm).
Complete with a black vinyl storage case (colour may vary)



Page magnifier

This page size magnifier gives approx. 3 times magnification and has a full usable area, slightly bigger than the framed version.
Overall size is 260 mm x 180 mm
(usable screen size 260 mm x 180 mm).



These are ideal magnifiers for reading, using as magnifying aids, or as mobile magnifiers when you just can't read that text on your mobile phone!

Fresnel lens magnifiers make fantastic and useful low vision aids for the elderly and infirm because they are light to hold, are unbreakable and extremely safe.

Ideal for reading the telephone directory, a menu in a restaurant, ingredients in the supermarket.

(credit card size fits in a purse or wallet).  

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