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Complete research of one ancestral line 
Complete research of your family tree 

These research projects are ideal for people who want to discover their ancestry but don’t have the time to do it themselves. An ideal gift for someone for Christmas, or as a birthday present! 


An ancestral line (one family line), or a whole family tree, professionally presented with drawn and printed trees, a full printed report and all original documents, printed or in electronic format.


Many people that ask us to research their family tree want to know the details of their ancestry, who their ancestors were, and where they came from. BUT, they don't want to do the research themselves. 


Yes, this may be difficult for a family historian to believe! But, some people just haven't got time - some have families with young children, or they find the upward struggle of learning how to use a computer too difficult. It is possible to research a family tree without using a computer (this is how we used to do it!) but, in the internet explosion, many census documents and other original sources are now available, making the process much easier if you can start by researching on the internet.

Beyond the first stages of census searches and obtaining birth, marriage and death certificates, we then pursue research in the parish registers that date back to the 1538 in some parishes. How legible they are is another matter!

We also use a variety of other sources in our research - old newspapers, other parish documents, maps, gravestones... the list goes on

We offer our family tree research services in small bite sized chunks - just four hours at a time.

As with all new projects, we carry out a FREE preliminary assessment, spending half an hour looking at your problem before payment is required. If we can't help, we will tell you.

Then, after each four hour section of research, we send you our report, with recommendations of what might be done next. If and when you want us to carry on is completely up to you.

Our prices:

Complete research projects                                              

£12.50 per hour - Minimum 4 hours


Payment for research projects

Payment can be made by a PayPal invoice which will be sent from us to allow you to pay by credit or debit card, as well as by PayPal.  Alternatively you can pay by personal cheque (UK only), or, in some cases, by direct bank transfer.

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