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Are you looking for free 2007 electoral roll UK searches?

We put up this news article about the release of the 2007 UK electoral roll (scroll down to view) as we get a lot of enquiries about this from people wanting to search for names during their genealogy research. 

The fact is that it is impossible to do free UK electoral roll searches on the internet. There is no such thing as a free electoral roll search or a free voters roll search and there are few free people finder services on the internet. The following sites, which are nothing to do with Family Tree Folk, and which we neither recommend nor endorse, are the result of my own investigation and do offer UK electoral roll searches, for different fees.

Remember that in 2007, 30% of people in the UK objected to being put on the commercially available UK electoral register, so the information is incomplete.

1 Websites offering electoral roll and other people finder searches


Tracemart offers a free people finder search but the results produce names and no information. The information- address, other people at the address, etc, is only available if you subscribe. Cost is £14.95 per month

1st locate

1st locate offers:

  • One month subscription is £9.95
  • People search costs £7.50 per week
  • People search costs £100 for a one year subscription
  • Tracing services are available at £19.99  or £35 and Electoral roll searches cost £100 per year. appears to be a mirror site to as it has the same registered address in Leeds and offers a very similar people finding search system. Fees are different though. One month subscription is £9.95 but a year's subscription is £50 - half the price of the other site.

The biggest UK electoral roll provider, also has the 1861 census and the UK Birth, marriage and death indexes (like Findmypast, where you have to pay a 5p per view fee and free but only partly indexed at has a credit system - you can do free searches but get little information without buying credits. One look at a name in the electoral roll is one credit, but you need to buy a minimum of 100 credits, which costs £34.95.

There are increasing numbers of other sites being developed by new companies in this area so this information rapidly goes out of date. Use your search engine to search for terms such as UK electoral roll, UK people finder searches, UK electoral register. You can also come up with other useful hits by putting in obvious mis-spellings and typos such as electarol register, electoral role and electorol roll. It is a good idea to compare prices and find the cheapest option for the volume of electoral roll searches you want to do.


2  Electoral roll on CD 

This online shop sells the latest version of the UK people finder info-disk. It is aimed at the business market really, for companies wanting to do direct mail. 

It costs £159 but if you are intending to do a lot of searching, it could work out maybe cheaper than a time limited subscription. The disc,  of course, will go out of date...

You might also find it useful to buy this book written by the people who started Friends Reunited: 

The People Finder: Reuniting Relatives, Finding Friends - a Practical Guide to Finding People You've Lost Touch with


Where can I search the UK electoral roll?

Enter your search term or surname in the search box on the right and choose one of the top three electoral roll sites for a direct search.

Scroll down to read on for more details about electoral roll searches, and just how much they cost.

3  If you are lucky, electoral roll on ebay cheap (ish)

People are selling the disc on ebay, but it is still at a price. There are a couple available at the moment for around the £140 mark. It may be worth looking often to see if anyone is selling their old one. I picked up a 2002 version in 2003, for about £5 but I suspect those days are long gone.

Also, if you get a disc that is a few years out of date, a word of caution. It is more possible as time goes on that someone on the disc that you want to contact may have died since the information was published. Sensitivity in enquiries is advisable.

2007 Electoral Roll for UK released

An article in Family Tree Folk News 4 March 2007 releases 2007 Electoral Roll. is retaining its status as the UK's most powerful people finder as it made this year's Electoral Roll data available Tuesday 27th February.

The 2007 Electoral Roll adds 29 million new names and addresses to ( ), bringing the total number of current and historical records available to over 200 million. The new records enable people looking for lost friends and family to quickly and easily find their current address. In addition, this annual update also gives businesses access to an important official record used for confirming an individual's identity when transacting online.

In 2002, when the Government first allowed people to opt out of appearing on the commercial version of the Electoral Roll, the number of records available initially declined sharply to 34 million. However, the figures for the last three years confirm that the trend for 'opting out' has reached a plateau. Keith Marsden, managing director at, commented: "This is a welcome development. People need to realise that the commercial version of the Electoral Roll is used as a key source of data to help identify individuals as they shop online - an important part of the fight against online fraud. If individuals can't be found on databases such as the Electoral Roll they are likely to have their order declined."



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