Genealogy George - Magnets

Genealogy George and his WEBsites

George spends a great deal of his time looking for new websites to help with his research.  Do you?

Size: 90 mm x 60 mm  GG001JUMBO 

Price £1.99 



Size: 70 mm x 45 mm  GG001 L4 

Price £1.49 

Genealogy George and his ANTcestors

George always gets a rush of excitement when he locates any new ANTcestors.  But then don't we all? 

Size: 90 mm x 60 mm     G002JUMBO  

Price £1.99 



Size: 70 mm x 45 mm GG002L4    

Price £1.49 

Genealogy George and the arcHive office

George loves following Betty "B" to the arcHive office to see what they will find together even though they are both from different family groups!

Size: 90 mm x 60 mm   GG003JUMBO 

Price £1.99 



Size: 70 mm x 45 mm   GG003L4 

Price £1.49 

Genealogy George magnets

Genealogy George is an addition to the Family Tree Folk range of genealogy gifts and these large rectangular magnets are not for those who are frightened of "spiders"!

Genealogy George is a serious participant in researching Family History and you will find him putting all his efforts into his favourite pastime in a whole variety of situations. You must also know someone (maybe not called George but who has the same passion!).

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