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We restore your pictures back to a state of repair so that the memories are not lost forever and have that sparkle that they once had to be given a new lease of life so the memories stay fresh for generations to come.

Beautiful Memories

Provide your historical data, photographs, images and stories and let Beautiful Memories bring your Family Tree to life. This is a fun, fast and affordable way to make a history film for your family

Lest We Forget

A web site of Military Personnel.

Spanning World War II, World War I, U.S. Civil War, Napoleonic Wars, U.S. Anglo War and Scottish Wars. Service records, war memorials, with many external links. Each individual is linked to web where you can see where he or she came from, before the conflict or on enlisting.

Colour Memories

Photo restoration and photo repair. Get your family photos repaired and re-printed. Also on offer, are photo colourisations, which turn your old black and white photos into fantastic colour images.  

Scottish Ancestor

Run by Frances Black, based in Fife, Scottish Ancestor specialises in researching in Fife and Wigtownshire but also covering most of Scotland.  Frances has a Postgraduate Certificate in Genealogical Studies and 20 years experience tracing Scottish Families through the Scottish Records.  Offering a variety of services from a basic family tree to a full family history.  Also Ancestral Tours are available

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Researchers and Resources








Family Tree Service

Family Tree Service research and create tailor-made family trees based on your own ancestry and genealogy. We are also dedicated to providing additional free content on census occupations, military history and geography.


Walking with Ancestors

Walking with Ancestors is a personal site documenting my journey into the past. Alongside this the site features a page of useful genealogy links and you can register your own surname interests in any area.  Based in Monmouthshire, I am also able to conduct research in the local area and the local record office.


London Roots Research

Based in Surrey, London Roots Research specialises in London and Metropolitan Surrey within easy access of all the London repositories, TNA and the Surrey History Centre.  Professionally qualified, we offer a range of research services across the UK, from a simple family tree to breaking down brick walls in your genealogy research.  Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.  


The Family Tree UK

Launched in 1998 by genealogist and historian Andrew Martin, The Family Tree UK follows his growing number of ancestral families with Cambridgeshire connections all the way back to 1589.


UK Genealogy Interests Directory

Linking Family Histories together.


Your Tree Searcher

Your Tree Searcher is a small, friendly and reliable genealogy and family history service which can visit local Record Offices and Libraries to search for your ancestors. Your Tree Searcher is based in Tamworth, Staffordshire and is run by Janet Willdig.


Family History Research

Based in Wiltshire, Family History Research is a professional, experienced genealogy practice offering research services covering a wide range of requirements and budgets.  Whether you require your whole family tree researched and presented on canvas roll, or you just want to uncover that extra piece of information about your great-grandfather, we are more than happy to assist. Contact us today for a free, no obligation, consultation.  


Certificate Exchange for unwanted Birth, Marriage & Death certificates

This web site provides a free service for genealogists and family historians who would like to offer their unwanted BMD certificates, wills or medal rolls to other family historians who are researching ancestors with the same name. Also search over 2,500 documents that may be of interest to your research.


Benson Genealogy

A UK based researcher and member of the Society of Genealogists; with a passion for Family History and over five years experience in the field. Professional, prompt and friendly service combined with a cost effective and accurate solution to your family history research.  

Family History Directory

Family History Directory is dedicated to helping you find the websites, materials and information you need to research and document your family history.